Bedroom Colors

bedroom colors

bedroom colors

The bedroom is a place where you can easily use your favorite colors and change them as you wish. It might be difficult to change the colors of things like beds, tables and dressers, so the best way to add color in the bedroom is to use new paint, window treatments and bedding. Your colorful interior design ideas can easily come true with the many options available in the market for home textiles, window treatments, paints and wallpapers.

When it comes to choosing colors for your bedroom, creating your own color palette is a good idea. You can check books, magazines and internet sites to see which colors you like. You can also observe rooms that were decorated professionally, or just check  out some rooms that suit your taste. Instead of using a color palette, you can also focus on a single color and use various accents and tones of it. But using the different tones of a strong color can make you bowled over by the color, so be careful and think twice!

So what’s the secret to get the designer look in the bedroom decor? It’s actually not that difficult, but you must make a decision. Do you want to bring color to your bedroom design with the bedding or the walls? Making this decision in an early phase of the interior design process will help you in a few different ways. Firstly; in your mind you will have a clear direction while picking paint and bedding. Secondly; you will achieve a much more cohesive look and a professionally tailored style. And thirdly; when you want a new look for your bedroom in the future, it will be easier to change just the paint or the bedding.

If you choose to use color on the walls, then  you should go subtle with the bedding. You can buy bedding in white and ivory shades. You can also use some pastel shades that go well with the wall color. Try to use neutral patterns, and keep the colorful patterns for the little areas on the bed skirts or on the pillows.

If you choose to use color on the bedding, then you should keep your bedroom walls subtle by using whites with a slightly colored hue, or by using beautiful neutral earth tones. Using bright white can be risky because it will create a big contrast with the bedding.

Sometimes we want to use all our interior design ideas in a single room, but if you think again, you will clearly see that strong colors and patterns in both beddings and walls is not the solution for a stylish decoration. In many situations, keeping it simple is better.

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