Ceiling Medallion

ceiling medallion

ceiling medallion

Have you ever considered that the ceiling is actually the fifth wall of your room? It can be also thought of as the forgotten wall. People love to decorate and paint their walls, they also love to add beautiful frames and all sorts of artwork, but then they seem to forget there is a ceiling. Actually a few extra touches on the ceiling can help you pull the whole decor all together. When you implement the interior design ideas for the ceiling, you will see that they really can highlight the room.

So what are the interior design ideas concerning the ceiling? The first thing is about paint. Instead of leaving your ceiling pure white, why not color it in a lighter shade of your walls? You can also paint the ceiling in a light blue color. This can give your room a light feeling. The second aspect is, of course, the lighting. Mood lighting is important, especially if it’s an area used for relaxing or dining. To accessorize your room, use an iron chandelier or a modern pendent, according to your home decor.

Maybe paint and lighting were aspects you had already considered, but what about a medallion? You can use a medallion on the ceiling with or without a lighting fixture. Using medallions is a quite inexpensive way to add a sophisticated architectural detail. Here are a few things you should consider when picking a medallion for your ceiling:

-Black canvas: A ceiling medallion is made of high density urethane or plaster, and it is primed to be painted in any way you like. It’s a good idea to paint a medallion to coordinate it with your fixture. You can also paint it the same color with your ceiling.

-Cover up: If you have old marks on the ceiling, or a junction box that you will not use, you can use a medallion to cover it up.

-Style: When buying a medallion, keep the style of your fixture and the design of your room in mind, so you can find one that will blend in well.

-Size: The size issue is one with no strict rules. Proportion is important though. If your room is large and your ceiling is high, it’s a good idea to stick with the larger medallions. You can also try to keep the medallion smaller than your chandelier. If you want to get an idea on how medallions will look on the ceiling, prepare cardboard templates in different sizes. Tape them on your ceiling to get a good view  for a realistic decision.

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