Decorative Mirrors

decorative mirrors

decorative mirrors

Mirrors are a must for every house. They are used for daily purposes like personal grooming, but they also are an inseparable part of decoration. They make rooms look larger and they add brightness – such an illusion that no other decoration piece can provide . They also add a sense of aesthetic. When you check magazines and websites for interior design ideas for your home, don’t forget to check how the mirrors are used. Mirrors enlarge the space significantly, and they some in many shapes and styles.

You can give a larger feel to your small room or narrow hallway by using mirrors on the walls. It’s a good idea to choose the longest wall. This way you will create an  elongated feel and a wider perception by using the light and reflection in the place. If you think one big mirror is too expensive, you can also try using a series of mirrors just opposite the windows or doorways. The light reflected from the windows will create an even brighter place.

In bathrooms, you can use mirrors and lights to get the perception of a larger room. Don’t forget that mirrors are also easy to wipe and clean, and it can be used for many years, unlike wallpaper or paint that needs to be fixed now and then.

You can enhance lighting by using mirrors. If you place a beautiful candle in front of a mirror, you will get a great romantic and calm look.

Another great thing about mirrors is that they are already decorative – there is no need for extra embellishments or high-priced frames. Just make sure that you put the mirror up in the correct and straight way, and secure it tightly for maximum safety.

You will find many mirrors at stores and on the web which have different shapes and sizes. You can also find them in different colors, and in decorative frames. Now there are also decoration pieces that are reflective like a mirror, and you can stick them on the wall or on certain pieces of furniture.

Use mirrors to add shine, elegance and light to your home, and enjoy the illusion it creates for you!

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