Guest Room

guest room

guest room

The guest room is probably one of the rooms you didn’t spend much time to think on. Since you spend most of your time in other rooms, maybe you didn’t get a chance to review the guest room, and see if there is anything missing. If you want to keep your guests happy, there are a few things that are essential for the guest room, and its interior design ideas should be implemented accordingly.

1-      Luggage rack: There should be a rack or a bench where guests can use for putting their suitcases.

2-      Alarm clock: A stylish alarm clock will both serve as an essential part of the decoration, as well as helping your guests wake up on time.

3-      Corner or table for some accessories: You need an empty corner or a table to place some reading material, a water carafe and a glass, and a pencil and notepad.

4-      Decorative Basket or Box: Use this to place some snack in case your guests get hungry at night. Colorful fruits can also add even more color to the decoration.

5-      Extra Hangers: Hangers will make things easier for your guests, and they will also help your room stay tidy.

6-      Bathroom Supplies: You should put certain supplies in the bathroom such as shampoo, conditioner, soap and shower gel.

7-      Towels: Use decorative towels in colors that match your guest room or guest bathroom design. Make sure you have extra fresh towels in different sizes for your guests. You can also consider providing a bathrobe.

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