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home decoration

Bright polished furniture and flashy, cool colors are great, but sometimes people feel like they need to add some warmth to their home décor. Adding warmth doesn’t mean putting lots of things here and there, and choosing nothing but warm colors. Here are a few easy interior design ideas that will add warmth to your home.

Add rugs for a warm feeling. If the floor is wood, it might add some amount of warmth, at least compared to floors of other material, but nothing beats a rug for adding warmth. Use rugs for a comfortable, warm feel. Especially rugs with warm colors like red, orange and yellow could look good, and you should prefer rugs with curvy designs and shaggy material.

Use oriental carpets, kilims and dhurries with rich colors for even more warmth. Use them in your living room and in the entry way for a warm welcome to your guests and family members. Wall-to-wall carpets are also a good idea, especially if your floor looks and feels cold. You can pick a neutral –but not cold- shade of a wall-to-wall carpet, and then add other small pieces of rugs on it, especially if your room is big.

Fabric is another factor that provides warmth in a room. Find fabric for your window treatments, couches and accessories that are warm and smooth in color, pattern and texture. If used correctly, fabric will make your room look more inviting and warm. Use fabric to cover and protect your sofas or chairs, create new pillows with pieces of fabric, and don’t be afraid to use floral prints.

Play with the colors in order to create warmth. Shades of red, orange and yellow are warm colors, and also colors like beige, taupe and brown are also considered warm. You can also use deep colors like emerald, crimson or cobalt, according to your interior design. Any colors resembling trees and wood also give a warm feeling.

Instead of using shiny, bright furniture, prefer using vintage, used ones. Also use accessories or decorative elements that have special meanings, like a gift from your grandmother or a family heritage. If you don’t have any, check the antique shops or flea markets. These pieces will also add warmth and meaning to your home.

Add accessories like photographs in frames, elegant vases and cute gifts. Get rid of metallic objects, or try coloring them with appropriate paint. Shiny metal gives a cold feeling. You should also avoid using too many mirrors, and avoid white, fluorescent and direct light. And here’s an easy one -make sure you don’t overuse cold shades of colors like icy blue!

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