Home Interiors

It’s great to have a large budget to make all your interior design ideas come true, but this is not possible all the time. If you do some good research and planning, you can improve your home design with a low budget. Here are a few tips on how to work on your home’s interior design and decoration although you’re on a tight budget.

  • Make sure you know how much money you can actually spend. Set a target date to complete your projects and revise your budget limit. Keep a clear vision so you don’t find yourself spending extra money during the process.
  • Make decisions about the style, color, theme and mood of your house or room. Stick to your decisions, so you don’t spent extra money on irrelevant things just because you like them.
  • Look at your rooms carefully. Keeping and rearranging some pieces of decoration and furniture, or changing their places can be sufficient for a new look. Or you might want to keep things where they are and add some accessories.
  • Check your old stuff that you put away years ago. The rug you hated ten years ago might actually look good in your new retro designed room. The gifts you didn’t like probably didn’t match your room’s style, but maybe they will work great with your new style! Keep your mind and eyes wide open!
  • Painting the walls, using wallpaper for only one wall in a room, or just adding wall borders are all inexpensive ways to improve your interior design.
  • As quick and cost effective solutions for brightening up rooms, you can use accessory items like mirrors, self-made artwork, pillows, throws, lamps, flowers and big vases.
  • You can buy used furniture and vintage items to save money.
  • Instead of buying expensive frames, make your own frame. Buy an inexpensive picture frame. Then cover it with your favorite fabric or with the leftover wallpaper pieces. You can even use flowers, buttons, ribbons and other decorative materials.
  • Use decorative material and furniture you get from garage sales, second hand shops, and discount stores. You can also find interesting furniture and decor items from the discount corners of regular stores. They might not be perfect, but don’t forget that you can fix them yourself, or just hide some imperfections with a few tricks. Painting old furniture with some bright colors can add a brand new look to your room. If you can’t do it yourself, ask for some help from friends and family members. This can also serve as a nice activity for spending some time together. What a budget saver!

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