Indoor Fireplaces

indoor fireplaces

indoor fireplaces

If you have a fireplace, it is most probably the focal point of your living room. If you don’t have a fireplace but looking for a focal point in your room, consider adding a fireplace! Many people keep the fireplace mantel as it is, plain and neat. But they should realize that is can be decorated easily to become the room’s beautiful focal point and a personalized decorative spot that is truly unique.

Interior design ideas concerning the fireplace mantel involve making the fireplace mantel more appealing and original. If you want a formal look in your room, decorate the fireplace mantel in a symmetrical fashion. If you prefer a less formal and cozy look, try asymmetrical decoration. An asymmetrical decoration on the mantel means using objects of different color and size, preferably in an odd number.

A good time to start decoration the fireplace mantel could be the holidays. Using decorative elements that symbolize those special days will add more excitement to your holidays, and you will  also get the chance to create a theme based decoration in this space. Decorating the fireplace mantel is fun and it is also a good way to use your creativity.

Here are a few important tips for decorating the fireplace mantel:

-Use decorative objects for your fireplace mantel that are made of inflammable materials. Don’t forget that safety is the most important thing when there is fire involved.

-You can use cones to decorate the part under the fireplace mantel.

-Placing a mirror on the mantel is a good idea if you want to add depth and light to your room.

-Have you ever considered using fruits for decoration? You can use a vase or pitcher and fill it with limes and lemons. You can also use leaves and flowers inside a vase or pitcher, according to the season.

-Using candles is the best way to create a romantic atmosphere. You can also add frames with pictures of the people you love most. Adding a few black and white photos in chic frames can add a stylish personal touch.

-If you’re into nostalgia, use antique items, old clocks, and vintage decorative elements. Make sure the fireplace mantel does not become too crowded.

-If you’re a collector of any item (like animal figurines), use them on the fireplace mantel. This is a great way to display them in a decorative way.

As you see, there are no strict rules concerning the interior design ideas for fireplaces, so have fun using your creativity to illuminate and decorate your room!

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