Interior Decoration

Are you new to interior design and decoration? Do you want a better looking home or a more personalized room? Are you confused about where to start? Well here are five general interior design ideas for beginners.

1-      Copy design and decoration ideas. Check magazines, books, TV shows on decoration, websites, as well as your friends’ houses, furniture sellers, etc. Keep a file with clippings, pictures and other reference material for ideas. See what you can do with  your house, and try different versions of what you like. Take one idea and try changing it, or adding to it. Choose a favorite substance and play around it, add your own creativity.

2-      Check your living space, and see if you really want to keep everything. If  you feel like something is totally useless, or you don’t care if it is there or not, don’t keep it there. You can give it to someone else, sell it online, or throw it away. Remember that you don’t have to keep everything forever.

3-      Answer some questions and understand your design style and how you interior design should be. Define your basics. What do you really like? Pastel colors or neon colors? Rainbow colors or natural tones? Warm colors or cool colors? Curvy designs or modern, straight designs? Nostalgia or futuristic styles? Do you like certain themes or do you want to just keep in the middle? When you find the answers to questions like these, you will come up with even more interesting ideas.

4-      Accessorize. Once you get the furniture and furnishings right, you should start adding some accessories. You can find lots of pieces of art, or decorative objects in stores, flea markets and online. You might want to hang a painting on your wall, or use some of your home made handicraft. Use things that you really love. If you use them correctly, you will even love them more!

5-      Take pictures. It might sound strange at first, but why not take a picture of the rooms you have prepared, and take a look at them again. Show them to friends you trust, and design experts, if possible. People will give you new ideas and interesting advice. You can even post your photos online and ask your friends for their advice.


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