Kitchen Remodel

kitchen remodel

kitchen remodel

The kitchen is a place where we spend a lot of time- cooking, eating and chatting. It is also one of the rooms with the highest number of details and equipment. We frequently look through magazines with articles on interior design ideas, and think to ourselves how nice it would be to have a brand new kitchen. Well, remodeling your whole kitchen might be much more difficult than changing the decoration of one of your other rooms! Are you sure you want to remodel that kitchen? Consider the things below before you make the decision.

1-      How long you will keep that house. Remodeling a kitchen means spending lots of money and lots of time. It’s most probably worth the effort if it your own house and if you are planning to live there for the years to come. But if there is a chance you will be changing your house in upcoming years, think again to make sure if it is really worth it or not.

2-      The Cost.  One simple word, but it means so much when it comes to remodeling a kitchen! Remodeling and decorating a new kitchen is usually a major expense. It’s a good idea to prepare a list of all costs and write the detailed prices. Ask a realtor how much a newly remodeled kitchen can add to your house’s value. Check the prices of equipment, labor and decoration accessories. See if you will be able to use any machines or equipment you already have, or if you have to buy everything. Also think of ways you can work yourself instead of paying to other people. Check the internet and the magazines to find budgeting hints.

3-      Decide if you need a larger kitchen. If your kitchen is too small for you, there are two main ways to go; either find ways to use the small space more functionally (eg. higher cabinets, multifunctional equipment etc.), or just make it larger. Think of ways you can make your kitchen larger; like stealing some space from the adjoining room, merge two rooms together, etc. And see if it is technically possible. Discuss your interior design ideas with an architect or with an expert. If it is possible to make changes in the walls, the ceilings etc., imagine the new look and decide if you really want it or not.

4-      Keeping the major systems or not. One other important thing you should consider is if you should keep the heating system, electric system, gas and plumbing.  If there are technical problems that need to be fixed, remodeling is a great time to do these. But don’t forget, changing these systems cost a lot. You will have to spend a lot of money for the water lines, gas pipes, air conditioning, ducts, wires, switches, lights etc. And of course you will have to spend a lot of money for labor too.

5-      What about the windows and doors? There are so many things to consider before remodeling a kitchen, that sometimes we forget about the windows and doors. If you decide to change them, use high quality ones that will last for many years, and help heat and sound isolation. Try to pick ones that will let in more light.

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