Television Stands

television stands

television stands

One of the hardest part of designing and decorating a living room is deciding what to do with the television. Actually, when it comes to interior design ideas, few people think about what they should do with the TV, although it is the only object in the room we look at for hours!

What should you do with your TV? Hide it behind a cabinet? Hang it on the corner of the room? Mount it over your fireplace? It’s a hard decision to make, especially if you have a really large-screen TV. Actually many people do not want the TV to be the focal point of their room. Here are a few ideas to help you out:

*Use frames and artworks around your television and make sure their frames are the same color with your TV frame. It’s better if the size and texture is also similar.

*Place your television inside an empty frame. Use your creativity for adding other frames around it. You will be surprised how your TV blends in with the decoration.

*Hang your TV in a niche or in a space between your cupboards. If you have just started designing your room, you might want to design and arrange your cupboards accordingly.

*Integrate your TV into a paneled wall. If your room is large enough, implement this architectural design idea in order to slightly disguise your flatscreen TV.

*One of the most interesting interior design ideas is the special wall art design for TVs. The screen can be kept open in order to add more to the room décor. Or the TV can be closed totally and still look decorative inside the room.

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