Wall Mirrors

Once you’ve chosen a great foyer table, it’s time to choose a nice mirror. This can be a difficult task, since there are hundreds of shapes, styles, colors and sizes to choose from, and picking out the right one takes some careful consideration.  If you need some help on interior design ideas concerning the foyer, and especially the foyer mirror, you’re at the right place. First, choose your favorite shape and then follow some simple rules.

Rectangle or Oval Mirrors: These shapes are classic choices that you can match with almost any interior design and any size table. Many foyer tables are about thirty to thirty six inches high, so the mirror can be the same hight, minus or plus six inches. If your foyer has very high ceilings and you want to add some fancy effect, choose a mirror that is extra tall. You should also take into consideration the width of the console table. Pick a mirror that is about half or three fourths of that width. This means that if your table is thirty six inches in width, then your foyer mirror must be eighteen to twenty seven inches in width.

Square Mirrors: Square shaped foyer mirrors with big frames and smooth finishes are a logical choice for many interiors, but getting the scale right can be a tricky task. Try to follow the guidelines mentioned above, but keep in mind that your mirror will look heavier that a rectangle mirror, so it is true to say they usually look better with larger furniture. Square mirrrors work good above long consoles which are forty seven inches or more.

Round Mirrors: These can be quite tricky, but if chosen properly, they can add a surprisingly wonderful effect to your foyer’s interior design. Similar to the square mirror, the size will be chosen according to the height that is needed. A small mirror (for instance one that is twenty inches or less) is a bad choice for a few reasons. A small mirror can give people the feeling of a porthole- which won’t look nice at all. And when you hang it, it might look good as a decorative element, but it might not be practical in terms of height for gazing. There should be a few inches between the top of a console and the bottom line of a foyer mirror. A decorative, star-burst mirror might look fabulous, but if the mirror itself is tiny or convex, that means it is certainly not the right choice. You can use those types of mirrors on other rooms of your house.

After finding the correct shape, think about the style. According to your interior design ideas, you can choose a style that perfectly matches with your foyer table, or a style that is a bit of a contrast. For example if your foyer table is wood with carvings, you can buy a gilded mirror or a mirror with a tile frame. If you have a foyer table that is made of metal, you might want to warm it up with an exotic wooden frame.  Once you get the shape and scale right, the design options are endless and an unlikely combination can really surprise you. A functional and fabulous mirror is a great way to welcome your guests, and add light to this small area. So take your measurements and start the mirror search!

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