Window Treatments

window treatments

window treatments

Window treatments seem to be an easy choice when it comes to the living room, but there are so many types and colors that you might get lost trying to choose the right one!

First consider what type of a living room you have, or wish to have. Is it a luxurious stylish place, is it a calm and peaceful place, or is it a formal style room? Do you spend time with your family everyday in there, or do you just entertain your guests once in a while? After you get a grasp of your style, then check pictures of interior design ideas, and see which ones can be suitable for you.

If your living room is formal, you can use a set of traditional curtains and drapes. You can use thicker fabrics and some shiny accessories. If your living room is simple and plain, you can use lighter fabrics and less color. If your window is small, it might be a good idea to blend the window with its surroundings by using neutral, simple fabrics and neutral shades which match the ceiling and the wall.

Another important decision is about how much sunlight you want. If there is a lot of sunlight coming into your living room, it might cause the furniture to fade- so you might want to choose your window treatments accordingly. Sheer fabric can diffuse the sun light, and you can also consider using shades.

If you want a practical room, you can use roman shade or simple curtains that are kept in the same position all the time. If you want more of an elegant or formal look, then you should use more formal curtains, with cornice boxes or valance, or a luxurious looking pole. If you don’t mind your living room looking a bit like an office, you can also prefer shades. Use some colorful shades to make it look less like a formal office.

If you ever get bored of your window treatments, be creative and use ribbons and other accessories to add a sparkling touch. After your curtains are ready, keep the leftover pieces of the fabric so you can make extra decorative pieces for your living room that will match your curtains.

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