Feng Shui House

feng shui house

feng shui house

Are you willing to change the colors in your house using feng shui as your guide? According to the feng shui principles, these colors will help increase your energy and have a healthier life. Feng shui is the eastern practice of the analysis of where things should be in order to create the healthiest and most beneficial energy flow, and the usage of colors is also an important component of the practice.

For example if strong, hot colors like red are dominant in a room, it might make you feel tired or angry. In order to bring the heat down, you can add some accessories in cool colors, like blue candles and pillows. Sometimes when you aim for a relaxing room, you might find yourself using too much ice blue, that will make the room uninviting and cold. So you might want to find a little bit of equilibrium. So here’s some basic information on the 5 elements of feng shui and the associated colours that elicit certain types of energies in your house:

Red: This color is associated with fire, which also supports life energy. Red is the color of blood and can increase blood pressure, the heart rate, and all actions in general. The color red can also alleviate depression. Naturally, it is the color of love and passion.

Black and Blue: It is associated with water energy. It helps us to concentrate, mediate, contemplate, and become creative. Blue has the power to slow down the heart and the breathing rates, as well as decreasing blood pressure. Use blue and black to increase coolness, to calm yourself down, and to create more privacy.

Yellow: It is associated with the energy of the earth. It represents Mother Earth. Yellow helps us become more hopeful, and increases our mental activities. It can help you cheer up and clear your mind. Yellow also creates a feeling of nurturing and stability in general.

Green: It is associated with the energy of wood, growth, action and decisiveness. Green can lead you towards internal change.

White and Metallic Colors: These are associated with the energy of metal. They represent purity. They can help us act more carefully and get more focused.

So did you ever wonder what energies are associated with mixing (combination) colors? Here are a few you can consider:

Salmon: This color is a mix of yellowish and reddish oranges, thus a great balance of fire and earth elements. You can use salmon in your interior decoration to encourage conversation and to realize a sense of abundance.

Lavender: Lavender is a mix of bluish and purple tones, and it can create a feeling of spirituality, calmness and contemplation. Lavender can be used to calm down during stressful times, and to create a spiritual room.

Turquoise: This color is a combination of the tones of blue and green, and it is a mix of the qualities of wood and water.  If you want an interior design that allows growth and movement, use turquoise.

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