Landscape Design

Here is one of the most appealing urban house design, with the combination of the color white, letting us feel each nuance of comfort we are looking at. It is really an amazing experience especially when you are into landscape designing. This is an Elysium 154 House made by BVN Architecture, it is great in terms of both design and style. Near the front line of this particular house, there was a swimming pool in the back yard, which is another luxury and stylish item in this modern houses. The architecture of this urban houses are very skillfully carried out in that it combines the modern style and the comfort of the past in a smooth way.

As for the kitchen of this house, it can be said that it is really spectacular and eye catching, which has a luxurious decoration. The contemporary lines can be easily seen in the overall decoration plans. The interior planning of the house is also very modern, which one can observe looking at the bathroom of the house.


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