Red Home Decor

red home decor

red home decor

It might be cold outside, but it doesn’t mean your home has to keep “cool” too! Break the cold colors in your house decoration by using a bit of the hottest color- red! The color red adds warmth to a house and makes it more inviting. Use these three interior design ideas and tips to add the heat and excitement you need.

1-      Decorate by using hearts. You can use heart shaped décor objects in certain rooms of your house for a romantic and fun look. Use even more hearts on Valentine’s Day and on other special days. You can also add some pieces (like textiles) that have heart motifs on them. Hearts can also be found on towels, pillows and wallpaper borders.

2-      Go Bold. Especially in the winter, you can easily use bolder and darker colors and create a contrast with the white snow you see outside the window. There are many shades of red that you can use. Pick subtle tones for a traditional decoration, or go with the bright red shade for a modern touch. It’s also fun to use red on frames and on artwork. A large piece of artwork with lots of red can serve as the focal point of your room.

3-      Use the color in unexpected ways. Although red is not in your room’s color palette, you can spice up the look by adding small pieces of red here and there. Place a single red rose in the vase on your dining table. Place some tiny red ceramic hearts on a kitchen shelf. A red piece of rug and a red towel can also spice up your room easily.

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