Retro Bathrooms

retro bathrooms

retro bathrooms

If you’re bored of your bathroom design, and want something more than just “classic and elegant” or “ultra-modern”, why not try the retro style? “Retro” means a culturally aged or outdated fashion or style, mostly from a few decades ago, that has become the norm once again. Retro generally means a vintage of at least fifteen or twenty years. What’s nice about retro is that it brings back memories from times we can actually remember.

A retro style bathroom can add an interesting and sophisticated touch to your house. When it comes to adding retro style to your decoration, the interior design ideas are many. Here are seven tips for you to create a cool retro bathroom design.

-Don’t push too much. Retro is risky if you use it too much. You don’t have to change everything in your bathroom. Just add a few retro touches to blend in with the modern and functional bathroom.

-Buy neutral fixtures. You can easily change your bathroom mats, small decorative elements and wall colors, but the fixtures, sinks and tubs are used for many years. So don’t buy anything you will regret in the future.

-Decide which era you like most, and choose colors accordingly. Or, find which era the existing colors of your bathroom resemble. For example it can be the turquoise and bright reds of the 50’s, or the pale yellows of the early sixties. What about the colors of the seventies? Various shades of green and the peacock blue can look nice.

-Find retro accessories. Instead of looking for retro style accessories in the supermarket (which is quite a low possibility), check your parents’ home or the flea market. You can find old style bowls, colorful bottles and shaving brushes that will add a retro style and can be functional as well.

-Check out the garage sales. You’ll be surprised to see how easy it is to find retro accessories and furniture at garage sales. What someone else wants to get rid of, can  be an inexpensive stylish accessory for you!

-Use stickers. There are stickers made especially for bathrooms that don’t peel off with moisture. For example you can add a seventies touch with a decorative sticker with a seventies theme.

-Take care of the artwork. So once you find artwork that suits the retro style décor, make sure that it doesn’t get affected from the steam and moisture in the bathroom. The artwork is probably already a little old, so the heat and moisture might make it wear out faster than you think.

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