Shower Tile Ideas

shower tile ideas

shower tile ideas

It’s great to have a bathroom with a specific theme. Your bathroom is a place where the interior design and decoration should make you feel good and relaxed. There are many themes you can create, but some of the most popular interior design ideas include aquatic themes such as navy, beach, ocean, etc.

Aquatic means anything involving the water and mostly nature. The colors used are mostly blue, green and white. To create a navy theme, you will need to use dark blue, white, and some red. But if you want to create a beach theme, aqua colors like light blue and certain shades of green will work. These colors are very relaxing and they will remind you the great days of your holiday. If you want to add some “sand effect” to your beach theme, use colors like light golden brown and beige too.

Accessorizing is quite easy. Use seashell shaped soaps, real seashells, cases with ocean and fish designs. You can add a splash of flashy colors by using coral designs and colors too. Many things to be used in the bathroom can be found in aquatic themes and prints, like box covers, lotion/soap pumps, toothbrush holders, even mirrors.

Themes like surfing or pirates can also be added, especially for homes with kids. A pirate theme is very easy- use ships, boats, pirate pictures. For a surfing theme, use surfboards, surfers, and tropical trees in the decoration. If you want a tropical design, you can also use some extra flower prints, tropical fruit prints, and anything that makes you think of the tropical environment. Use a potpourri in matching colors, and one preferably with an ocean scent or tropical fruit scent.

Other pictures and items that can be added in an aquatic themed bathroom could be; sailboats, ships, starfish, sea plants, sponges, lighthouses, slippers, sunglasses and  turtles.

If your budget is sufficient, you might consider changing the tiles too. Especially mosaic tiles with different colors of the sea can add a great aquatic look. You can also use material with some sparkle, just like the sparkling sands at the beach. Putting up a new shower curtain, or using some stickers with fish designs could also be fun. You can even get some sand and some stones from the beach, and put them in a glass bottle or jar, to create a more realistic beach effect.

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