Small Kitchen Design

Unluckily, most people own smaller kitchens than they would normally prefer. It is difficult to design a small kitchen for a wider look and better usage without the help of designers. There are many interior design ideas that are convenient for the kitchen. Generally these interior design ideas involve developing the limited space, creating a wider look, and ensuring an open view with no clutter around. Here are 10 design tips that will be great for your small kitchen.

1- Replace high cupboards with glass cupboards:
By using glass, you will ensure that the scope will appear greater because there is more visible space in the cupboard.

2- Use open shelves instead of closed ones:
Open shelves will also make the space seem wider. You might also consider using racks for cooking material, mountable spice racks, special dish holders. Also use drawer organizers, so you will use more space inside the drawer, instead of filling the shelves too much.

3- Use a built-in oven:
Instead of using a freestanding cooker, prefer using a built-in oven. You can also integrate refrigerators, dishwashers and microwave oven behind cabinet doors, in order to keep the appliances from making the space look smaller. There will all help your kitchen look bigger. Make sure the height and amount of space around the appliances are well enough to use them safely.

4- Use small carpets:
Use small carpets on the kitchen floor, because large ones often decrease the size of a small kitchen.

5- Put cupboards up high:
Place your cupboards as high as possible. This will help you to increase your storage space, and it will also create an open and wide look.

6- Chose multifunctional appliances:
Choose an oven that also has microwave functions, a machine that will make both tea and coffee, an appliance that can be used both for grilling and for making waffles etc. This way, you will own less appliances in the kitchen and this will save you some space.

7- Use small handles, knobs, and accessories:
If you use too many large handles, knobs, and decorative accessories in the kitchen, the place will look like its full of chunks. Try to buy smaller things in colors that match to the kitchen.

8- Use a pull-out table and folding chairs:
By using a pull-out table and folding chairs, you can get yourself some extra space whenever you need it.

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